Violence deepens wounds of Walter Wallace death, says Archbishop Pérez

Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez released the following statement Oct. 30 on the death of Philadelphia resident Walter Wallace, Jr. during a confrontation with police Oct. 26.


In recent days emotions have again flared and spilled into the streets in the City of Philadelphia as people collectively struggle with the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Walter Wallace, Jr. I express my deepest and prayerful condolences to Mr. Wallace’s family loved ones and all of those seeking to cope with a variety of complex feelings at this time.

Like many Philadelphians I have been watching the news with growing anxiety and sadness as civil unrest ensued again in our beloved City. We must not allow the negative and destructive actions of a few to distract from issues and questions that need to be addressed. Violence in any form has no place in our hearts and deepens wounds rather than heals them.

May God bring peace to the City of Philadelphia. May He fill our hearts with goodness so that we might see the Lord in all of our brothers and sisters and treat one another with charity, dignity, and respect.

Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez
Archbishop of Philadelphia

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